Wednesday, June 5, 2013

11 Tools, Post #8

As I have a fine arts classroom, I am fortunate to have two MacBooks and four iPod touches to use in my classroom.

The tutorials provided did help a bit in terms of setting up my own iTunes account with my SBISD email account.  Being a lifelong mac user, this is nothing new to me, but I do like to have the instructions to make sure that what I do is in line with district procedures.  The apps that are currently on the iPod touches in my classroom were downloaded by the previous music teacher, and in transitioning over to my own account, I'm not wanting to lose previously downloaded apps, but may want to add more, so I'm working on that.

Since I only have the mac products, I wish I could say I learned more from the tutorials provided, but again, I have always used macs so I already know how to use the devices to their greatest capabilities.  The tutorials would be really helpful to a novice, and I like that the info is presented in a user-friendly way.

Managing the devices in the classroom has been a topic of thought for me all year.  I want student experiences to be meaningful, and for the technology to not just be a toy to occupy students' attention.  I have been brainstorming more ideas for centers for next year, and with the increasing number of free apps becoming available, the possibilities are exciting!

Next year, I would like to incorporate more centers using the iPod touches and varying instrumental timbres, as well as GarageBand on the Macs.  I already like to have the students compose their own music, so using GarageBand could make their compositions even more fun, and more relevant to their daily lives, thus adding both rigor and relevance to instruction.

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