Wednesday, June 5, 2013

11 Tools, Post #7

After reading about tool #7, I have some neat ideas!  I think that I'd like to really try this out at the start of next school year, working with the art teacher at my school.  One of the TEKS for music in the intermediate grades is to connect visual and musical art, such as through Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition," which was this past year's Houston Symphony trip lesson.  Now that I've had a year in the district to learn about what is available in the fine arts, as well as get to know other teachers at my campus and music teachers around the district, I feel more comfortable collaborating with another teacher to create a meaningful interdisciplinary project.  Doing a project like this is quite daunting as a first year teacher in the district, so with the knowledge I have now, I think that the students would have a much, much better experience than they would have earlier this year.  Here is the project I am planning:

a)  Content Objective:  To connect the art and music of the impressionist period, specifically the art of Claude Monet and the music of Claude Debussy.
b)  Implementation:  Fall 2013
c)  Tools to Use:  ActiveInspire, Recordings of Debussy and images of Monet; Students can respond to each using a class blog thread I will start through Blogger
d)  Description of the Project:  Through examining the works of Debussy and Monet, students will create a discussion about various aspects of impressionist music and art to include use of harmony to depict light and dark and to include tone color to depict mood.
e)  We will network with our very own art classroom so that students will have the opportunity to post about both sides of the discussion.

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  1. OK, now that I read this post, you are already thinking along the lines I commented about on your #11th post! Now you got me thinking if you are having students create art projects that relate to the music, maybe we could help them create QR codes so the viewer could listen to the music as they look at the art! :-)