Wednesday, June 5, 2013

11 Tools, Post #6

As I read about and then thought about tool #6, I thought of three things.  The first is that Twitter would be a great way to get messages to students and parents quickly.  I am still extremely hesitant about Twitter, as everything is public and I can't limit posts to just the recipients intended.

So, in re-examining Google Docs, I created a form for students to use as a project to learn more about careers in music.  This is a project we did in the last three weeks of school, and had class discussions about the responses.  We did make it collaborative, just not online but in person due to time constraints.

Music Interview Questions

I did look at Wallwisher, now Padlet, and really liked its user-friendliness and clean presentation.  It functions much like a blog, but I think it's a bit easier to use.  I tried creating two posts, one link and one file, and I like how it works.  I do think, however, that it might be a little tricky to find specific posts unless you scroll through all posts.  This would be a great resource for the choir and hopefully, in the future, a percussion ensemble!

Wallwisher Music Page

In terms of encouraging participation, I think that both tools will increase visibility of the music program, and it would help to get students excited about extracurricular activities available.  I also hope that having more resources readily available would help to increase student retention of concepts, as it could aid in more frequent presentation of the concepts presented to each grade level.

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