Wednesday, June 5, 2013

11 Tools, Post #10

First, I must say that when reading Vicki Davis's blog, I was quite delighted to find that my first cousin, David Warlick, was referenced a number of times!  What a small world  : )  I remember when Dad (also an EdTech person) invited him to come from Raleigh talk to my elementary school about technology back in the very early 90's, when the internet was just becoming available to the masses!  Technology must run in the family!!  In reading his quote, I found that I go about teaching in exactly the same way, all these years later.

Now, to address tool #10, being a good digital citizen:

1)  I want my students to know that they have to have a filter when online. Not everything online is true and they must decipher between the useful and non-useful (or unsafe) information.  Also, they need to know how to effectively find the information they need, be it a Google or Bing search or a website I provide.  Thirdly, I want my students to understand they have a voice.  When online, all voices can be expressed and they need to know that what they post online may very well influence the education of another person or student.

2)  Instructionally, I plan to use the Copyright with Cyberbee page through the EdTech site.  In music, it is really important for the students to learn and understand that we have copyright laws, why we need to follow them, and who is affected by them and how.

3)  Once again, teaching the main aspects of digital citizenship is primarily done with the classroom teacher.  However, I would review basic concepts of internet safety with my students both through presentation and student role-play.  Once understood, I would go further to include the copyright aspect of digital citizenship in the same manner of teaching.

4)  Sharing ideas of digital citizenship with parents, for me, would need to be done through my website or blog post.  I have to communicate to every parent in the school, so the classroom teacher would be primarily responsible to communicate SBISD digital citizenship practices, and I would reinforce those when necessary for students in music.

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